Welcome to Wilson Leppert Photography. 

Just a bit about me...I am a recent college graduate and recently moved back home from California to southeast Iowa where I grew up.

I have been interested in all things technology since I could understand it. Starting with an old Apple desktop that used the floppy disks (that were actually floppy), to playing on PC's to finally upgrading to my personal favorite, the Macbook. 

Going from this and working in the technology world the past 5 years as a database developer, I have occasionally delved into the world of photography through instagram and my iPhone. Picking up little tips and tricks there and eventually moving on to the professional cameras, I have gained considerable experience shooting my first wedding, various outdoor events, and then random shots outside just playing around. 

I am definitely looking forward to shooting more pics of whatever comes my way. Let me know if I can help with any of your photography needs.

- Wilson Leppert