Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Monday....again...

It's Monday again people...the time to start a whole new work week and try to remember what you said you would do today from Friday. Probably not happening, but worth a shot right? lol. 

It's been a great weekend. Between church and a relaxing weekend, I am still not ready for the day. Guess I need to find my coffee. Soon. Currently, the Sumatra blend from Starbucks is my personal choice...lots of flavor and low on the bitter scale.

On a WLP note, we are working on a discount referral program for the next couple months and hope to be sharing about that soon. I am really excited about the potential photo shoots in the next couple weeks. I have had 3-4 potential opportunities come up that should be a lot of fun. Hope to have more, so feel free to contact me. The time, weather and setting is perfect. Looking forward to hearing from you!