Friday, October 18, 2013

Pause for Crossing

Have you ever had to stop and wait for the train to cross before you can go on? The thoughts that go through your mind probably are something like this..."I have a thousand places to be and things to do and I have to wait on this train...ugh." I have been in that spot many times. But sometimes it is relaxing to just sit there and wait(providing your not in a hurry and thinking previously said thoughts), and think, and count the number of cars on the train. 

Life an be that way too. You think you are on the road and everything looks great and then you hit a crossing and have to wait for something. Sometimes God puts those stops in places for us to make us take a minute to see where we are at and what is really important to us. It is sometimes difficult to remember that God is in control, but these stops may be there to remind us of that.