Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend in Review

What an amazing weekend. From video project, to photo shoots, to a church hay rack ride, and then a great day at church yesterday, it has been amazing. Lots of work, but lots of fun, and definitely worth the late nights. 

 Last Saturday, I found out about a special "I love the bus ministry Sunday" that was coming up in a week(yesterday). With that in mind, I was asked to put together a video on our bus ministry, so I went to work on it. Having seen examples and other videos before, I used the one from for my template and went from there. After about 15 hours (mostly late nights after working the day job) of work interviewing and editing, it came out halfway decent. It is always amazing to see the video come from nothing and see it in your mind with where you want to go, and then watch it all come together.

Spaced in between all of that, Saturday morning I also had a photo shoot with my mom for the Koehns. It was a very entertaining 2 hour session and we came away with about 600 photos to go through over the next couple days. From there it was a quick run home to grab the fam and then back to town for the hay ride. 

Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend. Getting to see everyone as they watched the video and enjoying it, and knowing all the work and late nights were worth it. I also had a great time in my Sunday School class teaching on the love of God and how He loves us no matter what we do....good or bad. It is amazing to think about and has had me captivated all weekend. 

I hope you enjoy a couple of these pictures of random things from my weekend and just scenic shots.